similar confusing

chiodo nail

also unga from which we get fingernail part ungal in English

scarper to run off escape in E is scarpare to run in I and ? Shoe

shimmy to shake in a dress move so quick hard to see or climb a tree comes from schimmia a monkey in I

So learning  the verb variation  after unsurety the subjunctive.

Just when you thought you know the verbs they throw this in.

Why is it called a mood anyway?a variation of mode or style or way, in time?

Common in Italian, rare in English. Guesses, indefinite may could might should would perhapssubjectivity opposed to objectivity or thought as opposed to action Essere not avere.

Pensare to think credere to believe ( interesting that a belief is not in fact a fact!] sperare to hope dubitare to doubt Valerie to want desiderare to desire avere Laura to be afraid  and non sapere ie to (not) know.

What  others could there be non conoscere and non capiscere.

it is used in secondary joining expressions after an indicative or conditional main clause, joined by che, Perche and the subject of the joint clause is not the subject of the indicative clause

the present covers present and future actions  now and will

replace the present tense first person o with i for are, first 3 tenses and iamo iate and ino for the next 3. Now we iamo is the same in present and subjunctive present future forms the only one.

ere goes to a not i, ire goes to a as well with the plural 3rd person going to ano . iscere (ire) goes to isca and iscano

however if the subject in the dependent clause is the same as in the main clause Di and the infinitive is used (wow) instead of che and the subjunctive

spesso di comprare una auto.

care and gare add an h giocchi,

ciare and giare do not

covered has an irregular dobbiate plural you subjunctive instead of doviate

the plural third person has two usable forms in both indicative and subjunctive devono debbono and devano debbano  as well as this word coming from dove but full of devo roots devo can be debbo and subjunctive is deva or debba