Dimmi Dammi shimmy shammy

give me your name or tell me your name?

Dimmi il tuo nome. Tell me your name is the right way to say this in Italian.

Though one could say Dammi il tuo nome it is wrong hence not used.

Here the verb Dicere is used, it means to say or to tell-


The attack, when it came, was unexpected, high level and no holds barred.

As the saying goes, no plan survives the first contact with the enemy.

Hosie was in bathhouse, in the pool, in the fast lane and in good spirits.  Savannah was walking briskly in her white, golden clasped high heels, wheeling the communication trolley when the glass doors at the end of the atrium exploded inwards shredding the palm trees and cyclid pots protecting the entrance. Matt the security guard at the eastern entranced  was knocked to the ground, blood flowing from his face and nose into the pool waters as he lay limp and drowning.  Savannah screamed and collapsed on her knees hol ing her right shoulder.
Hosie hit the red duress alarm on the pool side and grabbed a speargun from the recess flipping on to his side to watch the door. Three men burst through the shattered door glass, wearing goggles, masks and holding  laser  light .394 Glocksheims. Hosie let the first spear loose ripping through the air and lodging in the upper chest base of the neck, Pivoting his aim he took out the second man through the right eye, dived as bullets cut up the water towards him from the third.

His thoughts went back to the plan, to Ritchie’s paranoia and concern re his reflexes. Your’e getting old mate, nearly 25, Why bother with the risk?.He smiled. Ritchie was the dork, the true computer geek bought to life. he could no more fire a gun straight than ride a skateboard.

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