Changes in my lifetime We used to do a 5 man rotation on weekends and nights. We did deliveries and assisted at operations .Some did anaesthetics or their own surgical lists. TB was dying out but there were still old sufferers attending a TB clinic at the hospital. We attended nursing homes and we all had our own patients that we were responsible for. We did fractures, sutures and migraines. and worked up to 80 hours a week. Antibiotics, scopes USS CT MRI and coronary stenting.
Now the biggest problems are an aging population and the worried well. Last week I did my bowel screen and Kidney function. Today I am having my BP and diabetes check. Next week a breast screen [sorry computer error] and a genetic testing. Meanwhile I will enjoy having a soy latte, some Pilates at the gym and a debreif from my psychologist on why I do not understand my children.

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