Costs associated trip to Darwin

Dear Fellow Directors     [Bronwyn and David]     ,

I have recently spent 4 days in Darwin helping sort out some of William’s medical and living problems.

Costs incurred were,

The flight to and from Darwin from Melbourne         $818.98
The hire car and insurance                                   $388.50 plus$42.33 petrol
A visit to Paul Maher lawyer re Trust                     Account to be sent to Tong Luck Trust
Clothes, dental products                                       $187 [126, 7.50, 53.90]
2 spare keys for the unit downstairs.                      $16
Respiratory mask and filters                                 $303.28
Dental visits x2   Nightcliff                                     $230  to be paid, $100 to me re                                                                                  16/10/2018 visit, $130 to dentist                                                                              re 19/10/2018 visit.

I would like to request that the Dental Bills are forwarded as they come in to Bronwyn to arrange payment. This will be reasonably expensive unfortunately as he has about 15 fillings, possibly a crown and several teeth stumps to extract. Possibly 3-5,000 over the next 8 months. I will speak to the dentist Monday re emailing the bills

I am happy to pay the costs of the trip part  this time, airfares and car, but will seek reimbursement of these costs on subsequent visits.

I have receipts for some and credit card details for the others if needed. Liz is busy typing up a summary of the visit.

Looking forward to discussing this and some of the other issues from the visit if you can give me a call and we will have to work out a TLT meeting fairly soon.

Yours Sincerely , Harry.


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