the boat has a problem.

luciferro bearer of the light or knowledge implies as does GOE that knowledge and insight is bad and belongs only to god.If we are characters in a play written by a god and even if he uses a tabula erasa the story cannot be untold. Do the characters, if sentient have a pre knowledge that they would go through these fates willingly and volunteer for it [The fair way] hoping to gain real death, loss of knowledge, Or are they just a story line whose pain and emotion an disintegration, while conscious of it was merely visitated on them by the author. in full knowledge of the effect that it had? Worse if a story, It can be read from both ways.

The boat that floats. a biased view of life, and people.

The premise is simple.

A boat is floating in the sea. So, on the durface, waterproof and coping with its surroundings, engine going and able to cope with problems as they arise.

But now we are told that the boat has a problem. A hole below the water line big enough to sink her in 6 hours and no way to repair it. Engines not working and no pump on board.
We are unable to help though we can communicate with the boat.
6 hours pass and the boat is still floating at the same level. Two days pass, a yera passes and still the boat floats.
What is going on?

This analogy has many real life situations. In personal relationships, politics, health , sports and life in general.     Analogies +++

So what is really going on?
The simple answer is that





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