caught in a losing loop

why is it when things go well, things always go badly twice as much.

Or when you have a good idea someone else comes up with it when you are procrastinating about it. Why do you winning bets never get put on and your gold plated winners lose. Why do you never have time to write that winning novel. Yes. It could be . You are caught in THE losing loop.    Wow.

Ways to get out!! first rule . you cannot get out. What then .

Either sit back and wait for it all to end or fight it and lose.

Actually I have had a win!! I have a fool proof way to win at the Australian herald sun supercoach.

Not that that is any big deal


But the plan is in place the aim is to win one round and a thousand dollars

Its all systems go as now at the 5th round [completed] and already megabucks in front .

Now to turn this minor dream into reality . Look out world here I come.

Updates and denouement [when I realise I cannot devote the time and attention  or my 3 top players break a leg.]

Other tips  to win.    Never , ever , tell anyone you know how to win. OOPS.


29/6/2012  tired too much in last week run off feet consequently perfect scene for losing out on the footy coaching

But life’s a tease

3 teams have run out of buys with only 19 positions filled [of stars ]

This is their week to win. will it happen.

On a brighter note 1 team, Liz’s left with 2 picks and 19 places filled with an injured superstar to come back in round 15 if the team holds together injury, report, form and illness aside.

Given normal circumstances it should win by a country mile .

Already second highest value in top 200 teams in terms of players. Finger’s crossed

but as said above whenever your that close something goes wrong

Thought for next year /this year Hale and Roughhead ruck and forward to swap if needs an option to bring in a spare ruck would work better with 1 weak and 1 strong player   good players and gives an extra ruck but on other hand is only 1 player?????



AGW refutation

A view on AGW and Climate Change.
The sun heats the earth. The amount of energy that reaches the earth every day is a trillion, trillion, giga million watts or there abouts. Easy to calculate anyone?  yes? thanks
It is a very hot torch and the only one in town.
With all that power however it only manages a change of 80 degrees centigrade form -40 in the poles to plus 40 in the warmest parts.
Now calculate the amount of energy that human activity can produce every day on average and at its worst. Burn a few oil fields and a forest or two, explode the nuclear missiles, even, shock, horror, leave all your lights on.
easy to calculate?  yes’ anyone .
Lets be generous and say a trillion million watts give or take one or 2 trillion.
Hmm that would change the energy per day in the world by  perhaps, at a guess, one trillionth i.e.
1/10 to the 12th
Effect in a day negligible , in a year negligible, in a millennium negligible.
Forever virtually negligible
Funny that. Humans cannot affect the temperature of the earth under current conditions no matter what they do.
I am not sure who is more risible. Real Climate AGW people or skeptics who cannot explain this simple scientific concept.

Now I know I have the energy amounts,names and degrees  “wrong”. Heavens knows it may be ten or a hundred times less important than 1 in a trillion. But the figures are there, The data is there, why doesn’t anyone look at it.

This is not to say that lots of action is needed to improve the world from human caused problems, actions must be taken for the right reasons and AGW is not possible or real at this stage of our development.

Disclaimer. the above small article is only possible due to AGW  in the world [which really deserves to be called MGW “Mannian Global Warming”] surely .

This blog will be updated as it evolves with the best  figures  available. Any help in this direction appreciated.  angech

Computer programmes and modelling

Computer programmes and modelling

Basic flaws

1. anything  that can be modelled will rebel against the model and modeller.

Hence the two places that modelling would be very useful are the stockmarket asport results. Despite  all the high computer power available  outcomes in these two areas are not reliably predictable as all the possible events affecting them cannot be adequately programmed into a computer and when they are and are acted on this then leads to changes  in the behaviour of the observed event away from the expected outcome.
eg races are fixed  and company results are falsified.

2. Modeller bias is always present  eg set up a  company called Joe’s best business and set out to evaluate it.  Amazing “Joes’ is the  best business.

Worse set up a panel on Climate change. Amazing  finding “The climate changes”,  never would have expected that in a million years from that panel.

Early days yet and this is just a kindergarten attempt at Blogging. The sophistication is yet to come.