Hello and thanks to everyone who has come here today to honor the memory of our son, Chris Lee.
We thought it would be fitting for me, to share our thoughts on the privilege of having known him for 35 years.
Child, Teenager, Adult.
Do we grow up as parents with our children or because of them?
Each of our 3 sons was a cause of joy and happiness both in our lives and hopefully in theirs.

Christopher, George [after his grandfather], Lee was delivered in Shepparton by Dr John Hetherington on the 1/March/1987 weighing over 10 pounds at the G V Base Hospital.
A third child is a blessing with caveats.
As is is third son.
Do you try for a fourth hoping for a girl?

Chris grew up in Barwon Court, Shepparton being baby sat by our neighbors Reg and Elaine Leahy and their daughters Kate and Linda
and spending a lot of time with our neighbours, Ignazio and Valentina Fantone who’s son Robert was a friend and schoolmate at Guthrie St.

He spent the first 17 years of his life looking for his identity, as a lot of us do.
Cheeky, charming and occasionally sad.
Something changed in that last year at school, revealed in part by a speech he gave when he became a prefect in his last year at GVG.
He decided that life was meant to be lived and meant to be happy.

He determined to be the best person that he could be both with friends at University College and at RMIT where he did nanotechnology.
Later at Monash doing Radiotherapy.
He looked after classmates and friends and developed a positive and passionate approach to life.
He went traveling abroad on his ow,n and later with his wife Sam [Samantha Happe].
He excelled in his work at Canberra and Geelong Hospitals.]
But most of all he spent the latter half of his life helping others and wanting to help others and enjoying life.

Memorials and wakes are often sad affairs despite the exhortation to celebrate the life of one who has passed on.
I think they deserve both.
There is a sense of lost opportunity, lost time and lost friendship that chills one’s bones.
I certainly feel it now.
Yet there is that positive side, nothing is permanent or meant to be permanent.
Enjoy the good times, while you are fortunate enough to have them.
A life well lived and well intentioned as his was is indelible to those of us who had the good luck and privilege to have known him.