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March 28, 2023 at 12:28 am

Do you remember where you were when covid first started?
We had a trip to Japan line up.
Mystery pneumonia outbreak in a little city called Wuhan.
Another bird flu or SARS.
Yes, people can catch new viruses from animals.

Then the hospital scenes, panic in Wuhan so far away, staged photos of hospital deaths?
Authorities crack down, super heavy, why?
Protecting citizens or deeper knowledge of actual danger?

No mention of laboratory origin for at least two weeks, small provincial town and all.
Then the laboratory crackpot theory.
There is some sort of laboratory there.
who believes Michael Crichton fairy stories, Resident Evil, My name is legion, etc.
These places are ultra secure, strict protocols, research into known diseases to protect us from the unlikely spread of smallpox, the plague, mad cow disease and Ebola.
No mention of USA funding the research into bat viruses with Chinese virologists trained in the USA.
Two very valid points for the Lab origin side.
Chinese isolate, grow and identify the virus somewhere in record time to produce an early vaccine
Just a coincidence and good old Chinese know how.

Furin cleavages etc I leave to Joshua who has put many times more study and review of this and other covid issues than I ever could and is prepared at times to be controversial.

A good brave post by ATTP to put up a controversial issue separate to but involving opinions from those interested in the climate debate.
JCH says: wisely “I accept it is plausible. Always have.
It’s nuts to believe it happened.”

The issue here is not one of provenance which may or may not arrive in time.
It is of how we choose to fashion our group of beliefs.
The moment a Mat Ridley speaks out on one side, some people say he is wrong on other things this cannot be right, and vice versa.
A little bit of introspection on ones views on the myriad questions may let each of us see the few true positives amongst all the debatable chaff.

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