Anthropogenic Climate Change as an entity.


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    John Hartz
    “I believe that the Womens March on Washington will go down in history as the pivotal event for shifiting the momentum.”
    “I was wondering where Liv Tyler has her hands to cause the expressions on the face of Trump and the Emir.”
    “Hmm err, so Trump is married to a mannequin I mean seriously, have you ever seen her move? I haven’t.”
    Really pivotal?
    Cue the Princess Bride Spaniard.
    Mind you the first comment was funny in my non PC correct world.

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    ” For someone that doesn’t accept the existence of anthropogenic climate change, there is no “impact of the accompanying production pathway” in this respect, so how are they going to accept any ownership of a problem they do not believe to exist?
    “Making people own their position can be very difficult. Sometimes the best you can do is expose the evasion.”

    There is a subtle difference between knowing and believing.
    Found this out studying Italian Conditional verbs last week.

    I guess some of the people that do not accept the existence of anthropogenic climate change know they do not have enough proof. Show them enough proof.

    Others are believers, They do not need proof and you will never convince them.
    They are still people and we all need to get on with people so the best thing is to be nice to them [especially your elders] and not harangue them and embarrass them in public as others have done. Some are mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends or family, some are bosses.
    No need to argue with them. just ignore them.

    Some are difficult contrarians on blogs. Fight them with all you have got. Expose my evasion.

    For the record.
    The world has a lot of problems and potential problems and if your justified fears on Climate change come true there may well be severe “problems” as you put it.
    If I waved a magic wand and fixed it today forever the rest of the problems would still exist.
    Some of the problems would still be the same, deforestation and species rundown from anthropogenic, non climate change reasons.
    Some of the problems are much more urgent and pressing than climate change and can be fixed for a fraction of the cost. Overpopulation and famine for a start.
    Which one should I give allegiance to, and at what detriment to all the others?

    None of the problems for a single person last more than a thinking lifetime.
    Duties and obligations seem to be an undercurrent. Yet why are we lumbered with duties and obligations, culturally burdened, when we did not ask to be born?
    Do you blame your forebears for not considering the consequences of invading the new world or starting the Industrial Revolution? Did they consider their descendants?

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    “I’m sorry, but as far as I can see, you have not answered the question”
    Anthropogenic Climate Change as an entity.
    Willard might have a list of levels.
    Absolute denial. Some deluded people. Not CO2 , not happening
    Relative Denial Some deluded people. Not CO2.
    Specific denial Some deluded people Not CO2, something else
    but then we have another group of people also called denialists who absolutely agree that there is AGW but just do not believe that it has to be bad or severe.
    Judith Curry and R Pielke spring to mind as do nearly all Climate etc followers and most WUWT bloggers.

    A definition of Anthropogenic Climate Change would be that harmful warming due to human activity [ specifically increased CO2] that produces 110% of all the warming that has occurred to date since humans first built fires and will cause anything between a 2.0 and 6.0C temperature rise by 2100 if fossil fuel use increases at the current rate.
    Harmful warming being sea level rise of several meters, Increased severe flooding, droughts and weather disturbances etc.
    Special mention that this effect will be irreversible and last for 100’s of years.

    For some strange and unaccountable reason a lot of people just do not buy this product despite testimonials from 97% of dentists.


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