Rite of passage bullying. or right of passage.

I hate bullies. [right of pasage]

you hate bullies. we all hate bullies.

Nasty vile despicable bullies Giving us all trouble. Lousy smelly cvruel bullies.

Dontcha hate them loath  them despise them.?

Let’s sink the other boot in

What tight do they have to exist?

Let’s get rid of them forever. Gang up and crush them.

Is that a head? l

Lets kick it .

Stomp stomp stomp.

Nothing left except a bleeding mass of bully on the ground. Good . w

We have done it. Saved the village, saved the school Saved the world.


. Iam ew are and most important of all.

You are now a bully.

How does it feel? Or in the words of that song. How does it feel?

Great actually. We won.

The health bully.

the politically correct bully dress codes.

So yes bullying is an effective useful  way of addressing problems. of learning how to cope in the world . A way of getting through life sucessfully. of leaarning how to cope with adversity.

Let us ask our bully shall we.

Are you still alive?

How did you feel after that experience/

Was it up lifting for you?

No sound, no response. Well you did put the boot in as many times as was necessary .

Some poeple do not make it through.

Ask yourself this question though. was it needed Yes Was it good yes

Are you a bully? No

Where have all the bullies gone, long time passsing whre have all the bullies gone a long time ago.

No one is a bully. We are all victims of bullies. Remember.

That is why we did the stomping.

No bullies here.


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