Letter to family

I would prefer to stay neutral and sit on the fence.Each otherWe should all be trying to do so I felt it was important to try to reach out to all of you together to summarise the situation the family finds itself in and see If there is any way to improve the situation.

It is very sad To see Everyone upset with each other and attacking each other. I do not know how to fix it But strongly feel We should all be trying to do so.  Firstly I would like to say that I am not trying to have a dog in this fight I would like to keep on keeping on with all members of my family even if they no longer want to get on with Each other. I would prefer to stay neutral and sit on the fence.

Secondly advice is never welcome No matter who gives it.  Still here goes.

To Jenny and Sally I understand your past concerns And why you felt you needed to take some legal action But basically our it comes down to The lack of our family to communicate with each other openly. I have listened to your concerns are and spoken to soon Bron but have not been able to validate them. I believe that you Jenny are hoping to arrange a mediation with Sue and Bronwyn. I hope that an understanding can be reached between all parties with some give-and-take on both sides.

I feel it is very important to consider the problems for all involved in pursuing further legal action. Legal action is not cheap financially and certainly not cheap emotionally.  Most legal action needs a very clear list of goals and outcomes and motivation.  Not to mention consequences and outcomes . Some of the consequences are already becoming clear  that there will be ongoing permanent breakdowns in our family relationships. This may be something that all Sides apparently wish.

But a second outcome is a potential financial risk and ongoing financial burden to both you and Sally not to mention Sue and Bronwyn. The risk Is greatest when you employ lawyers I don’t know win no fee basis. There Is no such thing. Lawyers incur costs when they run a case And will seek to recover all these costs from you when you try to drop the case. Furthermore they will insist on the case going all the way rather than dropping it which means hundreds of thousands of dollars in reaching the Supreme Court with no guarantee that you will Ever win or finish in your lifetime I would strongly suggest that you pay for all legal services up front so that you know what you are burdened with. You could also have to pay the costs for the other side if you break off a court action without winning it which could double your costs Or more Sally this could cost you and Dennis your house. Jenny apparently is fully aware of the risks are but I am not sure that you are

Susan and Bronwyn I am sure that you realise Jenny and Sallyann are very unhappy to be taking the legal actions They are following I am not sure if what steps you can take to mitigate their concerns but I would like you to do as much as you can to alleviate their concerns. It may mean taking some tough decisions You are otherwise Uncomfortable with  To try to get everything resolved

There is a lot of reputational loss A lot of financial loss and potentially huge amounts to come  And enormous waste of time and emotions Which will generate repercussions for years to come.

The best outcome would be everyone being prepared to take some substantial losses to their pride and finances and arranging as mutually satisfactory a negotiated settlement as possible. I have tried Lizzie and I have tried for the last six months And longer to get people talking to each other or at least agreeing on what needs to be done We can take no more.

Any settlement as I strongly totally encourage you all to do will have to be done through the mediation with lawyers and I wish those of you who are not able to settle with those Who cannot all the best

I will do my best to help look after William Janine and Williams trust With the help of those who want to do so.

Please call me at any time if you wish to discuss any aspects of these matters with me all if you wish me to communicate with other parties for you



  • angech says:

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  • angech says:

    gymnosperm says: October 8, 2018 at 3:34 pm “Trouble is, you’re both right.”
    We have the problem that Roger believes that all is due to Pressure, gravity height and Brandon that CO2 causes all the fuss.
    Impressive scientific arguments for both sides.
    Let us call it a draw with some acknowledgement of Brandon’s argument [yuk].

  • angech says:

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    Acknowledgements welcome.