Mal Adapted

Mal Adapted 2015/09/09
“Nothing wrong with a little payback. I should probably feel a little guilty for enjoying it so much, but somebody has to do it ;^)”
Not a notion that everyone shares but if it is in your character, go for it Mal.
Forget about Karma.
Eli, along with many others, argues that arguing with denialists only tosses fuel on the fire and should be discouraged.

“You may have noticed that Eli is not defending ET he is reminding RB that he threw a no ball.”
WC and ATTP both stand accused of acting honorably to their detriment and that of the Climate change cause.
I can only, as a skeptic, agree with Eli [a rare event] but still applaud their decision.

Paul S 2015/09/09
“Arguably all the scenarios are “business as usual” in a sense”
No, RCP8.5- has been quoted extensively as the business as usual scenario. Worse it is not even the upper limit.
We could well have had worse than usual scenario’s but this is never mentioned on the warmist side.
RCP8.5- is actually the middle of all possible scenarios, something scary to think about. ET could well have been right under a scarier scenario.
RCP8.5 at least got the CO2 level right even if it got the warming wrong.

0.999 recurring answer

Perhaps like the tortoise and the hare it is a time problem
consider a number of 0.99999 repeating having to exist at a certain point in time
Like to do a maths problem.
While you are going to do it, it has an infinitesimal, whatever that is, but when you add it to 1 and get 2, in the moment that you have added it, it turns into a 1.
In other words while you are considering it it is always less than 1 but whenever  you use it it becomes 1.
problem solved.
TM angech 2015