What responsibility, Doc

Joshua says:
“At any rate – the point being to respect the uncertainty, until we have better data.”
Why start now?
It is a bit late.
Plus it is more than the data,
Every Pandemic presents something novel so past experience does not guide future results.
What was that story about the fellow with the lion on the loose.
Sometimes you have to respect the uncertainty,
Sometimes you have to run. April 28, 2020 at 3:31 am

Mal Adapted
What responsibility, Doc? What are your expectations of scientists? What do you expect from yourself, your family, your neighbors, your country? Just who is responsible for AGW?
IMO, your comment reveals how alien the culture of science is to you.

The line
” d) maintaining research practices that normalize careless use of scenarios in a vacuum of plausibility,” came from Bete Noir, R.P. Who also said,
“As a consequence, the climate research community is presently off-track. Attempts to address scenario misuse within the community have thus far not worked.”

I added “Not to mention a vacuum of responsibility.”.
I fail to see the difference between what he is saying and what I appended, if something is used in a non plausible fashion it is being used irresponsibly.

Very difficult to answer questions about responsibility. It tends to get conflated with blame [responsibility for doing something wrong].
Do you want me to be responsible? I.e. Do things the way you want me to do them.
Do you want me to be responsible . I.e. the cause of AGW? [ or Collectively with skeptics or with humanity?].

I think you have asked a very important question epistemologically.
I do understand where you are coming from, a genuine care for the world.