ocp black swan

“What postmodernist relativism has wrought is, rather, something more insidious: by devaluing the concept of objective truth, it has undermined our own ability to combat objective untruths.”

We only know layers of truth at any one time.
When we go deeper into the layers we come across the paradox that our view which we thought was right is actually misplaced or wrong.

[As far as manipulation of the US election is concerned both sides do their best to manipulate results.]

I have found this at levels of science.
The atomic theory we were taught in school with electrons buzzing round a solid nucleus.
With chromosomal transfer of genetic traits, not that straight forward.
Physics itself, Newtonian physics was a truth, until it wasn’t.

So is there such a thing as objective Truth?
Only in a rigidly defined system which allows no exceptions.
As Bertrand Russell found out with mathematics, surely one of the most rigorous defined sciences there is no absolute truth.

I would say that the best we can do is have a [shudder] consensus on what is true until the inevitable OCP occurs.-
*An Outside Context Problem or OCP is a challenge utterly outside a given group’s (organisation, society, culture or civilisation) set of experience. Because an OCP is something that has never happened before, the end result is unpredictable.