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gravity exists for all practical purposes but it is a byproduct of the alteration of time space by mass.
A bit like that quote from the Rocky Horror Show “I’ll remove the cause but not the sensation”
So an object for instance can only move in a straight line in it’s own time space but the space time warps in the presence of other mass space times.
weird concept.
Another is that the force of gravity in a normal orbit at 350 kilometers is 9/10ths that at the surface of the earth even if you are floating weightless in a spacecraft.

“Can we use ocean temperatures in the Arctic to predict temperatures in Europe?”
led to my favorite trope, the length of time to put up blogs on observations when they do not agree with your blog purpose and the increasing number of responses when they so. Possibly a paper in this.
The temperature on skeptical blogs seems to go up when the temperature goes down and vice versa for warmist sites.
Sea ice extent , area and volume is another.
I may try a backwards prediction, 2 weekly, on arctic sea ice growth this year. Hint comment in 2 weeks to focus on that small patch off ice off Alaska [if it still exists].
Otherwise this thread will vanish…

Well this will end up with egg on the face [mine]. Foolish to try to predict Arctic ice anytime. Nonetheless I want to believe in a very good growth year even though it started out well the last 2 years and fizzled.


Deeper thicker ice this year and a cooler globe post El Nino should act as catalysts for an amazing early ice rebound. The small patch of Alaska, if it does not melt, will act as a seeding to actively speed up ice regrowth in this area. Then there is the ESS to consider!

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