Jackson Thurlow (def) was 379K, now 267k. He screwed his ACL (right knee) in nab 2016 – looks a starter but awkwardly priced with a dubious ceiling. CONSIDER

Jaimie Elliott (fwd) was 413k (season high 451k in 2015),now 291k. Missed the entire 2016 season with a back injury. Will play if fit. CONSIDER (YES for me!)

Patrick Ryder (fwd/ruck) was 447k (season high 543k), now 418k. Suspended for 2016 – Number one ruck for the power. Solid option at his price. YES

Harley Bennell (mid/fwd) was 548,600, now 387k. Calf injury ruled him out for the season. If his calfs hold up he’s a bargain. Proceed with caution. YES.

Jarryd Roughhead (fwd) was 520k, now 367k. Out with cancer (blimey!) and beat it to death. Onya Roughie. Locked in cause it’s a great story, but he’s also a bloody decent player. YES

Sam Reid (fwd) was 390k, now 275k. Calf and Achilles issues, missed 2016. Mid price madness, decent player, not SC relevant. Averaged 72 in his last full season. PASS

Aaron Sandilands (ruck) was 433k (season high 581K), now 308k. Got flattened by Nic Nat, puncturing a lung. Only played 5 times in 2016. Massive discount for this aging behemoth. Will divide the community. THE CHOICE IS YOURS! YES for me.

Jarrod Witts (ruck) was 393k, now 217k. Never really made an impact at the pies, traded to GC. Uncertain TOG in 2017, whispers around he will get the R1 spot. Can’t lock him in on a whisper though. WATCHLIST.

Nat Fyfe (mid) was 624k (670k high), now 573k. Basically broke his leg and only played 5 in 2016. Super elite on the cheap? Yep. YES

Dyson Heppell (mid) was 499k (season high 571k), now 513k. Suspended for the year. Definitely should consider at this price. YES for me.

Jobe Watson (mid) was 439k (season high 576k), now 453k. Suspended for the year. Question marks a plenty over Jobe, I’m backing him to have impact, but maybe not for SuperCoach. PASS

Michael Hurley (def) was 485k, now 464k. Another banned Bomber. Rebound king last time around the traps, potential to peak over 550k. I’m in. CONSIDER

Michael Bellchambers (ruck) was 294k (season high 333k), now 305k. *altogether now – “another banned bomber”. Strange price on this lad, could get R1 at windy hill (or whatever they call it now) but beware – he wanted to quit football and I heard a whisper he’s carrying an injury. PASS

Dayne Beams (mid) was 612k, now 432k. Only played 2 in 2016, out with basically a completely shattered body. BUT super elite output available for 432k. Get in my team! YES.

Mark Murphy (mid) was 421k (season high 556k), now 432k. Played 10 in 2016 then screwed his ankle. Looks worth the punt to me. YES

Kristian Jaksch (fwd/def) was 281K, now 206k. Played 1 in 2016. Ex-giant who plays a lot in the magoos. Wait to see if named. WATCHLIST

JOM (mid) 525k (2015 starting price), now 318k. Has no knees. Last sighted on the titanic. Proceed with caution. Hawks debut in rd3-4 is the word on the street. Watchlist

David Swallow (mid) was 554k (2015 Starting price), now 280k. He’s missed eons, lord knows why. Too cheap to pass up for a bloke with his ceiling. YES

Josh Thomas (mid/fwd) was 385k, now 193k. Ate a cow and got suspended for 2 years. Rookie priced DPP should be watched closely. WATCHLIST

Lachlan Keefe (def) was 330k, now 165k. Helped Josh Thomas eat that cow. Rookie priced key position back. Won’t set the world on fire, unless by accident. But there’s still money to made here. YES.

Matt Sharenberg (def) was 271k, now 164k. Knee and ankles have stopped this kid. Missed all of 2016. Huge talent, locked in for me if fit. YES.

Curtly Hampton (def) was 264K, now 160k. Missed last year and only played 5 in the season previous. Rookie bench option – if he can get fit, and stay fit and break into the Crows line up. Just a few conditions then! WATCHLIST.

David Myers (mid) Was 460k, now 133k. Stuffed his shoulder in 2015 then suspended for the season of 2016. Massive discount. Most likely on everyone’s bench. YES

Angus Monfries (mid) was 342K, now 325k. Suspended for the season. Nope. PASS

Billy Longer (ruck) was 368K, now 260k. Behind Hickey in the pecking order. Nope. PASS

James Stewart (fwd) was 280K, now 169k. Couldn’t crack into the GWS forward line, played 1 in 2016. Like many, if named, will attract attention. WATCHLIST

Hugh Goddard (def) was 308k, now 186K. Played once in 2016 and ruptured his achilles. Good kid by all reports. Might be worth a look if he can crack into the Seaford backline.WATCHLIST

Jake Carlisle (def/fwd) was 381k, now 337k. *Say the line* yet another banned bomber. Unseen in the saints colours, big doubts over his SuperCoach relevance, despite DPP. But he is 25 and at a new club. WATCHLIST

Michael “Dr.” Hibberb (def) was 419k (season high 491k), now 402k. Last banned bomber I promise! Same write up as Carlisle, but slightly older and averaged 82 in his last season. WATCHLIST

Matt White (mid/fwd) was 328K, now 198k. Tore his pectoral in round 1. OUCH. Out for the season. Very much on my radar as a bench option. CONSIDER

Riley Knight (mid) was 290K, now 201k. Played once in 2016. Persistent ankle problems. Barron reckons he’s a big chance for senior footy in 2017. Smokey for RD1. WATCHLIST

Tom Downie (ruck/fwd) was 326K, now 217k. Played once in 2016, behind Mummy and Lobb for Ruck duties. PASS

Micheal Talia (def) was 390k, now 213k. Common theme here…. Played once in 2016. Injured himself, then club suspended for possession of illicit drugs. If he’s off the horse but in with horse he’s a chance. WATCHLIST.

Nathan Vardy (ruck) was 293k, now 265k. Played once for cats in 2016 then traded to WCE. No Nic Nat opens the door, but Lycett and Giles are also in line. I smell rotation. PASS

Cam McCarthy (fwd) was 288k, now 200k. Homesickness – out for the season. Looks primed to take the full forward spot at freo, although he has the potential to go hot and cold. Still good for the coin. YES

Tim Broomhead (fwd) was 329K, now 185k. Played 2 uninspiring games in 2016. Seems VFL bound. PASS

Will Hoskin Elliott (fwd) was 220k, now 200k. Traded by GWS to the pies, you’d have to think he’s a big first team chance. WATCHLIST

Cam Ellis Yolmen (mid/fwd) was 401k, now 304k. Appeared twice late in the crows campaign, if Thompson moves out of the mid CEY could be one to move in. Good average when not sub affected (82) but at a super awkward price. WATCHLIST.