Rotary speech 13/7/2022 Role of Chairman

Dear fellow Rotarians

Could I ask you all to stand and join me in drinking a toast [invocation

For good food , good fellowship and the opportunity to serve rotary, we give thanks


Now I will ask the sergeant of the day, Ian Powell, to give the Loyal toast

Ian Powell
[“To Rotary International and Australia.”]

Thank you Ian

and you will always be sustained by the fellowship and esteem of us all.

welcome back to our first meeting following a changing of the guard last week.
I note that the ROTARY THEME FOR July This month’s theme is New Leadership Month

Some small steps to go through
I welcome everyone here today especially our new President Andrew, our new Paul Harris medal recipient, Danny, and especially our new member, Phil Stammers.
We also have present our past District chair Laurie Fagan and his wife anne
and other Rotary club members geoff and tracey.
I would like to call on Rotary members present to introduce their guests.
Phil [wife]

I will now hand over to Ian to conduct the meeting


starting with any announcements from club directors and any news that members of the club would like to share business for the day.

I will hand over to the Sergeant of the day for our fines session.

Check that the person introducing the guest speaker is present [me]
and has received the speaker’s resume
and has sufficient information to give a dignified introduction.

Check that the person doing the Thanks to Speaker [me]is in attendance and has the certificate or gift, as appropriate in your club.

THE FOUR-WAY-TEST … What does it mean?
For Rotary, The Four-Way Test is the cornerstone of all action. It has been for years, and it will be in the future. Of the things we think, say or do
Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
The test is one of the hallmarks of Rotary. Since it was developed in 1932 by Herbert J. Taylor, who later became RI president, it has never ceased to be relevant. Its four brief questions are not based on culture or religion. Instead, they are a simple checklist for ethical behavior. They transcend generations and national borders.
As Rotarians, we should have The Four-Way Test in mind in every decision we make, all day long.
Rotary is dedicated to causes that build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever.
We now have a new President, Andrew Pogue ,who will be to carry out Rotary’s Objective,
with its five avenues of service as a constant guide.
It is also the day on which we ask our new member Phil Stammers to tell us a bit more about himself.
It is with pleasure that I now extend to you the right hand of Rotary fellowship & give you a hearty welcome as a member of the Rotary Club of_S Central
Before we go further can I mention our guests for today,
would also congratulate past President Danny Hogan on his second Paul Harris Medal
A WELCOME…to District Governor 2022-2023 MINA HOWARD? no
Idea Contribute to a Guest Speaker Ban
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