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angech says:

Joshua says: “What say you? Ready to up your game?”
No need . The cards have been dealt and the outcomes will become evident in the next 6 months.
Republicans re ask for more details and e- mails next 2 weeks.
NOAA refuses, Boss stood down, Inquiry ordered. 2 months
Or NOAA reluctantly follows orders, 2 months.
Either nothing to find 25%,
little to find 25%,
or a mess 50%.
At the same time Trump has to take a gamble, repudiate Paris Accord on his own or ask congress to vote on it. Latter course is the gamble as Democrats oppose and there may be enough warmist republicans to block Trump.
Best maneuver to cancel it but say the American people should decide through Congress anyway. Puts the pressure back on Democrats and warmist Republicans instead of him.
This is the way he should go.
Whichever way this issue will be dragged into it if any malfeasance can be found. Likelihood of an investigation 97%.
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