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Climate Change as an issue is about to get tricky. The stock measurements are converging to an average and about to break out.

Given the cold world [Roy Spencer] after a warm start to the year. Given the Enso Neutral to slightly cold . Given the large amount of ice at both Poles at the start of the melting season north and the freezing season south one would expect a Slowing of the melt north and a large extent plus south but it stops just when you want it to go. I cannot believe the Antarctic has stalled back under 12,000,000 for a week. Or that the DMI 30% is diving at the same time.

Fingers crossed, there are a couple of holes to fill in in the Antarctic  and the northern coastlines still show a lot of traces of ice. Apart from sounding like a warmest [ in reverse ] the best tactic here is lots of wishful thinking to back up the aforesaid facts. Hope it works this year.


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